ISLAMABAD (APP) - Ministry of Railways has invited private parties to invest in repair of 200 inoperative locomotives under its policy to encourage public-private partnership (PPP).

Organizations including National Logistic Cell (NLC) have shown interest to rehabilitate the locomotives as a draft agreement with them has been prepared and is in the process of finalization.

A senior official on Monday said some projects under PPP government are in the pipeline as the organization is offering its track infrastructure to Pakistani private parties for use of their own trains in lieu of payment of Track Access Charges. The private parties and operators may procure rolling stock from anywhere. The official said an overnight Business Train with 13 coaches including 9 air-conditioned, two power vans, one luggage van and one brake van will run on daily basis between Lahore and Karachi Cantt. This train is going to be outsourced to a party which will invest Rs. 225.786 million.

The investments made by the party will become property of the PR upon lapse of the agreement, he said and added an MoU has been signed to this effect. About the other steps, the official said Luggage Vans of six pairs of trains have already been outsourced while outsourcing of luggage vans of three pairs of trains is under process. Moreover, outsourcing of 45 power plants and their proper maintenance and fitness is in process, he added. The official said contracting out dining cars of all trains is in process which will ensure more revenue.

Under public private partnership, he said, a container terminal at Prem Nagar station has been set up while Pakistan Railways is also setting up Dry Ports at Pir Mukhtar Wala in Multan Division and Azakhel in Peshawar Division on joint venture basis with Private Parties.

He said some trains and management of main reservation centers at various Railway Divisions have also been outsourced.