For a government tainted with corruption and poor governance, the decision to seek truth for the judicial murder of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto must be appreciated. While we are at it, for the sake of our future generations, let us revisit other gross injustices that have led to even bigger losses to Pakistan. To start with, the rigging of elections by Ayub Khan with the help of some members of the judiciary and civil bureaucracy, who served the dictator as part of the Chief Election Commission in West Pakistan. Had the election not been rigged and Fatima Jinnah won, as she did in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), neither the events that occurred in 1971, nor the imposition of martial laws by Yahya, Zia and Musharraf would have taken place. It would also be better, if the mysterious circumstances under which Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah's died were investigated.

So, it is time that the ulterior motives of these adventurers, whether they are khakis or their rental political slaves,be unearthed for the security of Pakistan and its people.

Malik Tariq Ali,

Lahore, December 23