FAISALABAD - Young professionals are poised to make a clean sweep in the upcoming elections of the National Council of Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP).

Muhammad Iqbal Ghori, a candidate for National Council of ICMAP, has completed 2nd tour of the six major cities of ICMAP in connection with his election campaign.

Addressing young professional here late Sunday, he said that National Council of ICMAP was consistent of 12 members with 4 governmental nominees while 8 seats are open for all members. He further said that there are four thousand members which have greater responsibilities to elect dynamic persons for the council so that this institution could be elevated to the international level by upgrading the professional skills of its members.

Iqbal Ghori said that ICMAP has given us maximum and now it should be motto of every professional to return to our alma matter in form of elevating its image and status.

He spelled out 9 points way forward plan for the young professional and said that radical changes were purposed in education, professional development, research and publication, technical support, management consultancy, career advancement, members’ welfare, corporate relations coupled with administrative measures to improve the overall efficiency and skills of ICMAP members.

Ghori stated that this plan could not be implemented in its motto because of split mandate in National Council. However, visionary improvements were witnessed in centres where the young professionals were in the driving seat.

He stressed that visionary approach and practicalities to meet the global changes and ever changing requirements of Cost and Management techniques need fresh, vigour and dynamism in ICMAP at national level.

The candidate also briefly introduced his services and that his past, present and future is marked with an objective to establish ICMAP brand in public and private sector and added that henceforth, he has been solely striving to achieve this mandate but now he needs collective support of the community to fully achieve this objective.

He said that young professionals have already introduced new revolutionary changes in various centres where they were in majority. However, in National Council the new agenda could not be implemented because of the split mandate.

The members of ICMAP have assured Iqbal Ghori of their best support and said that they would cast their vote for the candidates who have commitment to upgrade the status of ICMAP.