Faiz Ahmad Faiz passed away on November 20, 1984, with him finished an era of consciousness in literature. Faiz represented the progressive writers movement which reformed Urdu literature under the influence of rising leftist political movements in the twentieth century particularly Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Faiz dreamed an egalitarian pluralistic society, a society where people could live and express themselves freely. He always raised his voice for the weaker segments of society. His was poetry that is full of hope and struggle for freedom. He hailed political struggle for independence all over the world. He was awarded the Lenin Prize for his being a voice of downtrodden and marginalised classes. He was criticised by rightwing on his sarcastic and reactionary ideas. He mourned, he protested, he condemned and he rejected all forms of exploitation and envisioned a society where everyone got a fair deal.


Australia, November 21.