QUETTA – Balochistan Assembly members ‘removed’ speaker Muhammad Aslam Bhootani from his position by approving a no-trust motion with an overwhelming majority.The motion against Bhootani was moved on Dec 19 after he refused to chair any session of the house until the status of the provincial government becomes clear that became doubtful with Supreme Court ruling that the government has lost its mandate because of its perpetual failure to protect life and property of citizen.Deputy Speaker Syed Matiullah Agha, who himself is regarded as a candidate for the slot, chaired the Wednesday’s session attended by 49, out of 64, MPAs including Chief Minister Muhammad Aslam Raisani. In the secret ballet, 47 members voted in favour and one against the no-trust motion.There was a fuss in the assembly when the resolution was being taken up as three MPAs – PPP Balochistan President Mir Sadiq Umrani, PPP’s Jan Ali Changzai and opposition leader Tariq Masgi – after being barred from speaking, staged a walkout saying the meeting was illegal and against the rules and democratic norms. Meanwhile, the other members kept thumping desks.The chair called Speaker Bhootni in the House three times for defending himself against allegations levelled at him and quorum balls kept ringing for five minutes. As per assembly rules the speaker has right to defend himself, the deputy speaker said. But when Bhootani did not turn up, the voting was allowed.“Mr Aslam Bhootani has been removed from the office of Speaker as the motion to oust him was passed with majority”, Deputy Speaker Matiullah Agha said while announcing the balloting results. He ordered for expunging all ‘unparliamentarily words’ from the proceedings’ record.Earlier, provincial minister and BNP- Awami leader, Syed Ahsan Shah tabled the no-confidence resolution, saying it contained signatures of 22 members. He alleged that Bhootani put hurdles in the way of assembly’s session which was against his position, thus “this house recommends his termination”.Speaking on the resolution, leaders of different parties strongly criticised Bhootani, saying he ‘harmed’ democracy and democratic institution by showing his ‘personal like and dislike’ which had raised many questions in the minds of the people. They alleged Bhootani tried to take advantage of the ongoing crisis. PPP leader Ali Madad Jattak criticised Sadiq Umrani saying that he violated party discipline by opposing on-trust motion despite leadership’s decision of supporting it.