LAHORE - Mental Health Federation Pakistan (MHFP) organized a seminar on “Mental health issues, a recent perspective” here at a local hotel on Wednesday.

President of MHFP Prof IAK Tareen, Prof emeritus King Edward Medical University Dr Khalida Tareen and Prof Aftab Asif were the members of panel of experts, while psychiatrists of international repute Dr Saleem Tareen, Dr Anjum Bashir, Dr Eaisha Tareen and Prof Tanvir Rana delivered lectures on various topics.

Prof Khalida Tareen said that it was unfortunate that there was no role model in the ruling class, while people were deprived of happiness due to lawlessness and financial problems. The young generation was committing suicide because they have no aims and objective in their lives, she said.

Prof Tanvir Rana, teaching in Staffordshire University (UK), said that mental health problems were increasing in Pakistan and people were losing self confidence and suffering from depression. He said it was individual and collective responsibility to create a model society and ensure free and fair justice for common man.

Dr Eaisha Tareen spoke on “stress and distress in women”. She said women were suffering from distress and mental disorder because they were facing different domestic issues created by their husbands and children. She said the major reasons behind the women problems were inflation.

Dr Anjum Bashir said that parents should spare some time for their children. He said children were taking little interest in study due to misuse of computer, mobile and internet.

Dr Saleem Tareen said that terrorism and bomb blasts were increasing insecurity among the masses and government should control the law and order situation. Prof Aftab Asif and Prof IAK Tareen said that government should start postgraduate training in psychiatry for doctors.