ISLAMABAD – The Higher Education Commission (HEC) employees have demanded of the government to immediately remove the officers illegally working in Management Position Scales (MP-Scales) in the Commission.

“In a clear violation of the rules for appointment in MP Scales, six officers have been currently working in HEC. As per directive of the Prime Minister the appointment or extension in MP Scale must be evaluated and approved by the Performance Evaluation Committee, comprising Secretary Finance, Secretary Establishment and Secretary of the concerned Ministry/Division.

However, HEC’s cases of appointments and extensions in MP scales have never been sent to the said Committee, because none of these persons fulfill the eligibility criteria for positions they are occupying,” said a statement released by HEC’s regular employees association her eon Wednesday.

These illegal appointees include Jalil Ahmed, Adviser, Monitoring and Evaluation; Khawja Azam Ali, Managing Director, Quality Assurance Agency, Noor Amna Malik, Director General, Learning Innovation, Zia Batool, Director General, Quality Assurance, Anees Sadozai, Director General, Services and Anwaar Amjad, Director General, Information Technology.

The HEC Ordinance 2002 clearly mentions that Advisers and Consultants may be appointed by the Commission following the prescribed procedure.

“But in this case, both HEC Ordinance and directives of the Prime Minister have been completely violated,” says the association which represents over 600 employees of HEC.

The employees stressed that the appointment of permanent Executive Director should also be evaluated by the three-member evaluation committee.