LAHORE - Amid reports that a meeting between President Asif Ali Zardari and Pir of Pagaro is on the cards, most probably in the first week of January, the scheduled meeting between Mian Nawaz Sharif and the PML-F chief at Raiwind on December 28 has been postponed.  “It is true that the meeting is not taking place this month due to personal engagements of Pir of Pagaro”, PML-F’s provincial Secretary General Imtiaz Sheikh told TheNation who also admitted that the two leaders were scheduled to meet by end of December.  Sources from the PML-N also confirmed the development saying that Pir is not coming to Lahore this month due to some important engagements at home. They, however, sounded confident about the meeting taking place between the two big wigs in January next year. But political observes say that the meeting has been delayed in the wake of some developments, the most important being the recent indirect contact between President Zardari and the Pir of Pagaro after the elevation of latter’s cousin Makhdoon Ahmad Mehmood as Punjab Governor. Though neither side confirmed the news but there are reports that PPP leadership was in contact with the Pir of Pagaro to make an electoral alliance with his PML-F. In this context, the sources disclosed that a meeting between President Zardari and the Pir was likely in the first week of January next.  Also, it has been learnt that PML-N and PML-F are at cross purposes as far as the agenda of the anticipated meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Pir of Pagaro is concerned. “The PML-F is attaching more importance to League’s unification, whereas the PML-N is interested only in forging an election alliance to strengthen its position in Sindh” ,said a PML-F source seeking anonymity.   Imtiaz Sheikh, however, said that there is no specific agenda of the upcoming meeting between the two leaders and anything under the sun could be discussed. He said no date for the meeting had been fixed so far.