KHYBER AGENCY - The residents of Landi Kotal have expressed deep concern over the prolonged power outages and urged the high ups to take immediate notice of the matter.

The inhabitants of Landi Kotal complained that with decreasing of temperature, flow of electricity to the area has been completely suspended and out of twenty fours the power is on for only half an hour. The long power off made their lives miserable and beside rise of problem of scarcity of potable water, it has disturbed their routine business. The government and TESCO intentionally deprive the tribal areas of the power supply, which is condemnable, they remarked. They also criticised the local political administration for its hollow promises of provision of solar system for undisrupted running of tube well. Dwellers of Landi Kotal are wondering from dawn to dusk to get a bucket of drinking water. They are compelled to bring it from far-flung areas or to buy it from private tankers to meet their needs, residents regretted. They also came hard on the local administration and said that it has turned blind eyes towards problems of the masses.

One a tribal youth Hamid Ullah Shinwari said that beside local schedule load shedding, they were experiencing power off from Peshawar and duration of power off in 24 hours reached to 23 hours daily, he added. Sadullah Afridi said, famine of potable in addition with other difficulties forced the residents to shift to down town in settle areas.

When Landi Kotal grid station in charge, Sultan khan was contacted on the matter, he said, the Regional Control Centre (RCC) is supply one-hour electricity after every three hours and strictly has been instructed to keep only three feeders on. It is difficult to manage one-hour power in 16 feeders, he remarked. Small traders and shopkeepers of Landi Kotal bazaar showed concern and said that without electricity they suffered a lot. Besides paying of electricity consumer bills on regular basis they have been deprived of the power, which is injustice to them, they argued.

On the other hand the tribesmen have turned towards woods and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) as alternative source of energy for cooking food and to keep the rooms warm. However they complained that observing rise in demand of the two commodities its sellers have started fleecing the masses with their both hands. LPG is being sold on Rs 190 per kg while 40 kg (mound) of woods are being Rs 780 in Landi Kotal bazaar, one of a tribal Mian Sajid said.

The residents of Landi kotal demanded of the authorities concerned to tackle their problemme on priority basis, and have mercy on the tribesmen of Landi Kotal in the chilly weather.