Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif launched the metro-bus project on Tuesday. The event marks the birth of a new era for Lahore’s transport system. First of all, the very fact that the CM has been able to complete the project according to schedule says something about his commitment to his words and promises. Broadly speaking, leaders rarely care much about public development much less improving the lives of the poor.

Although the entire project is not operational as yet, since it involves a long route from Gajumata to the Kahna, the start of certain routes is a satisfactory development for now. For the wretched commuters, this is going to be a huge relief. It means a farewell to overloaded decrepit mini-vans and ramshackle buses often driven by drivers without either road sense or safety. A special road, most of which is an overhead bridge would enable the people to commute from one corner of the city and around, quickly and comfortably. The new road built alongside, would also ease traffic congestion on one of the city’s busiest roads. While the Lahorites will begin to heave a sigh of relief, it is expected that other busy routes of the city too would get CM’s attention where a dire need for new buses is being felt.