This is to highlight the most critical problem in Pakistan, that is, our non serious youth. Pakistan is passing through the most critical time in its history. The nation is entering in the election era and the role of our youth in this election is very vital and decisive. Our youth has the world on their fingertips and knows what is happening the world over! Who but they can be the best judges of what is good for the country, as well give a fresh start and perception to this flagging and declining economy.

Since our freedom, the youth of our country have remained directionless and non serious regarding their role in politics. To avoid any future mishaps the collective efforts of the youth should be directed towards change, to change the history of our country. All great revolutions were brought about by youth but we have seen no such spirit in our youth. We need our youngsters to wake up and seriously take part in the formation of a new and better Pakistan.


Islamabad, November 22.