It seems that the government is interested only in postings and transfers but no accountability of its employees. They do everything to oblige their party’s elected representatives so that they can maintain their own police station culture to intimidate rivals. The result is escalating corruption, people’s misery at the hands of bureaucracy, rising prices, and worsening law and order situation. There were two police stations in Muzaffargarh city till last year but now a third has been added along with some other elite forces. Coincidentally, the crime rate has also risen proportionately. There is no beat system assigned to the police force and the night patrolling seems to have been totally abolished. Hardly a day goes by when there is no theft, robbery, or a burglary being committed.

About four weeks back a poor man living not far from my house had his only means of income, an ox-cart along with the ox, stolen at night. A few days later a shop opposite Farid Colony was looted by two drunken hooligans carrying arms in broad daylight. In fact, the whole area behind Farid Colony is teeming with drug dealers, dacoits, kidnappers, and blackmailers and the local police have always condoned their presence. Will the government do its duty and order a thorough cleanup of the city in order to rid it of all the criminal activity?


Muzaffargarh, December 23.