We in Pakistan keep hearing of foreign aid being given to Pakistan and because of this we have to obey our masters. What I and I know many, fail to understand is where this largesse goes, as we see no progress! Why can’t we see our economy stabalised by the billions of dollars pouring in as foreign aid? We have already received under military (in billions) from 2002 to 2011 around USD 11.740 billion of capital but still our military has failed to control terrorism.

Let’s just look at this issue seriously; there should be transparency as we have sold our souls to the devil but have received nothing in return. We all expect that this foreign aid will solve our economic problems, bring progress and prosperity but all we have seen is extravagant and luxurious life, led by a few, while the masses are kept under the heavy load of taxes levied on staples and high fuel prices.

Who is going to answer these questions? Who is answerable for all the loans that the previous PPP government took and where has the money been spent? Now the PMN-N has started its tenure with an IMF loan, where are we going and where will this end?


Karachi, December 24.