The veteran political leader Javed Hashmi was preaching on a TV channel about the scarcity of water. While trying to put forward his point he related an issue when they were not able to receive any water in Multan. He claimed that the animals perished and the land dried up when no water came from Mangla dam. He claimed that they should make storage tanks for water in Sukkur and Multan. In his ignorance, he did not realize that storage tanks cannot be built in a desert but only where there are mountains (even if they happen to be in Kalabagh). And just like water from Mangla dam can reach Multan so will the water from Kalabagh dam reach Multan and Sukkur and also Lahore in an equal measure.

It is utterly baffling how ignorant our politicians are as they seem to be uninformed about some basic facts about their country. The need to build dams has become more than obvious and we are still hearing only rhetoric instead of actions being taken. Who I wonder will speak up for Pakistan or will we let our country become a desert thanks to our collective ignorance and incompetent politicians and rulers.


Lahore, December 18.