What happened recently in the second ODI of Pakistan, between Asad Shehzad and Dilshan, wasn’t the first event of its kind. Such actions have been a part of the field, especially in our region. Aggression, when controlled, may serve as an asset in terms of sports, but this asset must be guarded by strict parameters. A board’s responsibility is not only to appreciate and develop the skill for the players but also to harness the right attitude which the sport demands. The new lot of youngsters coming in, the likes of Asad Shehzad, need to respect the sport and the players.

Our cricket board must train and prepare the players for the right attitude in and out of the field. A sports psychiatrist is the term quite popular these days; there are quite a few who could use help. We have seen players seriously damaging and affecting their career just because they couldn’t display the right attitude. It is important that every player, regardless of the fact that he is in the field or out of it, must have the right attitude, because without the right attitude one can end up becoming an incomplete cricketer.


Karachi, December24.