Ministry of Education should bring reforms in the biology course being taught in Pakistan, especially in subjects that are contradictory to Islamic. It is suggested, as majority of students got confused by these views. The negative effect can be directly blamed on Punjab Text Board but the tutors also need to be clear in what they are saying. It is because the author and the tutors do not clarify these contradictions that a dilemma has arisen, for example Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwin put forward his theory of evolution regarding paleontology. He said the humans evolved from monkeys and this is where students get confused and the tutors do not clarify this confusion.

An English man replied against Darwin theory saying it is possible that Darwin’s father was evolved from monkey but our ancestors were human beings. This theory clearly contradicts the Quran, something that is unacceptable for a Muslim country to think. So being a Muslim we should conclude that there is no doubt that Darwin is a good biologist but he misunderstands nature’s fact.

RIZWAN ABBAS, Lahore, December 22.