LAHORE - Following every terror attack, the police swoop in the name of security has nothing to do with the looming danger, rather a joke with the taxpayers who are already suffering at the hands of police brutality.

Irony is that the lawmen wake up to launch a search operation only after a tragedy takes place, whether it was already informed Wagah Border attack or the abduction of the former Punjab governor’s son, Shahbaz Taseer. Backed by intelligence agencies, the Lahore police have launched multiple search operations but remained unproductive in busting the hideouts of terrorists in the posh localities of the city.

The department badly lacks the intelligence system to reach out these hideouts, besides the apathy towards collecting data of the residents in different precincts even after several tragedies and strict orders of high ups.

Usually, in search operations, police detain slummier people and let them go after ‘investigation’. Dozens of people do get arrested, however, they are never found involved in any terror-related activity. Some retired officials conditioning anonymity have revealed that rapacious cops are interested only in nabbing drug peddlers, guest houses and hotels so that they could mint more money.

Why can’t the police reach the crime scene before something happens?