With the assemblies of three provinces having passed multiple resolutions against Kalabagh dam no political party, in government or out of it, will risk its vote bank in these provinces.

But the power and water situation has assumed such huge proportions that the struggle for Kalabagh cannot be given up, Half measures like small dams will not suffice, only a mega dam can fill the bill.

It is for the experts to counter the ignorance prevailing about dams and rivers. Since it is only the media that can mould public opinion we have to keep writing to the press and TV channels about the unfounded fears that have been put in the minds of the public by the top political leaders who have played politics with the issue of Kalabagh dam.

Tell the public, with facts, figures and examples, that dams increase the availability of water rather than reduce it, that with distribution of river waters centralised under IRSA, the provinces have no direct control over the supply to their canals, that Kalabagh dam will not aggravate the flood situation at Nowshera, and so many other imaginary fears.

The effort should be to bring the adversaries to the table rather than cast aspersions on their motives.


Lahore, December 1.