AMRITSAR: Shiv Sena has attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi's surprise visit to Pakistan and said that he should seek an apology from the nation for taking such an "objectionable step". 

Sena's Punjab president Sanjiv Ghanauli, Chairman Rajiv Tandon and senior vice-president Rajesh Palta said that "the sudden stopover in Lahore would embolden Pakistan and send wrong signals globally that India was under pressure vis-a-vis its relations with the neighbouring country."

Sena leaders said that such "objectionable steps raise question on country's image and credibility."

Branding the visit a "duel standard" by the government, the leaders alleged that Modi had taken "U-turn" regarding Pakistan.

"During election, Modi had declared with repeated chest beats that he would talk to Pakistan in the language that it understood, but post-polls he landed in that country which he wanted to teach a lesson," they said.

"His pre-poll regular belligerence and the post-poll abrupt bonhomie vis-a-vis Pakistan is a sad mismatch, indicative of a doublespeak," they remarked.