KABUL: Afghanistan’s first female pilot Nilofar Rahmani has dismissed reports of her apparent move to seek asylum in the U.S and reaffirmed her commitment to serve Afghanistan.

Following a report published in the New York Times, Rahmani sent a letter to the Afghan Air Force stating that she had been misunderstood and misquoted by the newspaper.

News that she had applied for asylum sparked an angry response from the Afghan public.

Rahmani, who is a captain in the air force, said that the enemies of Afghanistan, as part of their anti-women sentiments, have always tried to spread propaganda and misconception in society aimed at misleading the public on the abilities and development of women.

“The fact is that I have completed my education in C-130 aircrafts and scored high marks. But with consideration of the problems I had in my way in Afghanistan, which I cannot go into detail about, I thought that with the passage of time, the problems will be resolved. Therefore during my education, I filled in applications for some charity and education-supporting institutions to help me continue my education to a master’s level and I was given some assurances in this respect, but all these issues will be legal,” the letter added.

According to her, she was misrepresented in the article published in the New York Times.