Congratulations to Mr Donald Trump for getting the majority vote of the people of the greatest nation on the face of earth. We in Pakistan share with you your victory and believe in your democratic institutions. We hope that we will not be asked to “do more” as our armed forces, after initiating and launching Operation Zarb-e-Azb, which has very successfully pushed the terrorists into a corner. 

Our first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan, the right hand man of the father of the nation, visited your country and made it clear that we want a friendship based on the principles of mutual respect and equality. He was welcomed and your independent media praised his statesmanship in the best possible words. Unfortunately, after his assassination, Pakistan was faced with many problems but didn’t receive the helping hand which was expected from your country. 

Our country is not the “most dangerous place on earth” as has been projected in the western media. We are very hospitable people and value our guests. When you finally enter the White House, tell your people that Pakistan is a land of love and tranquillity. 


Lahore, November 9.