LAHORE - Jamaat e Islami chief Sirajul Haq says the government has badly stuck in the Panama leaks mire and its end is nearing with every passing day.

Talking to a JI delegation from Balochistan at Mansoora yesterday, Sirajul Haq said the rulers are the custodians of the people’s trust but if they begin to gulp the public money, the destruction of the society cannot be avoided.

The JI amir said accountability of all the plunderers was inevitable and all those who looted public money whether in the past or in the present government, must be brought to accountability. “Unless and until the rulers accept the facts, return the plundered wealth, and also seek an apology from the nation, the matter will not be over,” he added.

Siraj further said it was the responsibility of the federal government to ensure the transparency of the CPEC by removing the apprehensions and reservations of the smaller provinces.

The CPEC importance was undisputed but ejecting the local population and settling the outsiders there was unacceptable, he said, adding it would also create hatred for the federation. He declared nobody would be allowed to usurp the rights of the fishermen and local population in Balochistan.

The JI chief said the people of the area were being deprived of water due to the delay in the constriction of dams and the drying up of wells and were constrained to move from the area. But the rulers had no time to listen to their demands. He said that even the Prime Minister and the Army Chief had not given any revolutionary programme for these people.

Sirajul Haq stated the fishermen of Gwadar were being deprived of their living as the government, instead of providing them facilities, was adding to their problems. The local population was seriously worried over different activities of the government, he added.

He stressed it was need of the hour to win over the Balochistan people instead of pushing them to the wall. “Balochistan is rich with resources but there is poverty all around and the enemy is exploiting the situation.”

The JI chief pledged his support with the people of Balochistan, saying his party would raise its voice in their support all every front including the Parliament and outside.