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Dreams well? What is a dream? Is this the Chocolate Factory, or the apple of our eye, we visualize at night, which makes our sleep beautiful? Nahhh! Dream is something which takes our sleep away. It is something we want to do or achieve before we leave for HEAVEN. It is something we want to be seen as! Our dreams mold us into what we are, they control our actions and views.

Therefore, they indeed are most invaluable to us. So, if that is the case, what on earth stops us from chasing them? According to me, it is nothing else but the SOCIETY. We one struggles hard to be UNIQUE, the society tries all the means, to make us like everyone else. It is this process of making everyone like everyone, which suppresses the extra ordinary ideas and desires, we can have.

I basically would hold the current Education System responsible. As the Pink Floyd sang, This Education System is producing same kind of BRICKS to build a wall of what society thinks are IDEAL CITIZENS !Now, we, the youth are told, WHAT to dream, instead of HOW to dream And that is the pity.

I do have a dream, and my dream is that one day youth of my country will live their own dreams instead of following stereotype imposed by the society.

I believe, we the young generation should stand up and make the Society understand, that by imposing the stereotype, more doctors and engineers might be produced, but that would be at the cost of many Einsteins, Nusrat Fateh Alis, Sadiqains and Eidhees.

Eleanor Roosevelt says “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Dream on, Dream on, Dream on……

Dream until your DREAMS come true.

Published in Young Nation magazine on November 12, 2016