Lahore - The interior ministry yesterday conceded that the National Action Plan (NAP) was unable to effectively block financial support for terrorists and terrorist organisations.

A progress report, released by the ministry on Monday on NAP implementation in 2016, further stated that the action plan had been unable to stop the re-emergence of 'proscribed organisations' under new names.

According to Dawn News website, the report had been authorised by Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar, who faces increasing criticism for the government's inaction in curbing militancy in the country.

The ministry report also said that progress had been slow in Balochistan and that 'political reconciliation' with all the stakeholders in the province had yet to be achieved.

However, the report noted that terrorism in Karachi decreased by 80 percent, whereas a significant decrease was also seen in incidents of robberies, murders and target killing in the city.

A recent report issued by a judicial commission comprising Justice Qazi Faez Isa of the Supreme Court had criticised the interior minister for meeting with the heads of some banned groups and 'acceding' to their demands.

After the commission's report was made public, Nisar had addressed a press conference and said that he has been "bashed" about his political and personal conduct and that he will tackle that criticism in the coming days.