CHITRAL- The Mother and Child Health Centre set up in the Garrison Town of Drosh in 1960 has been non-functional for the last 10 years due to the apathy of the successive governments.

The building of the health centre has developed cracks and turned into the haven for stray dogs and other animals.

Dr Yaqub, the in-charge medical officer of the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Drosh, said the building was constructed in 1960 and the health centre catered to the women and children as it was located in the densely-populated area of the town.

Now, the patients, especially expecting mothers, have to travel to the District Headquarters Hospital in Chitral, sometimes giving birth on the way. Most of the women even cannot afford hiring taxi and are forced to go for deliveries from midwives.

The people of the town and the nearby areas called upon the PTI government to reconstruct the building and appoint staff at the health centre so that the residents can be provided with healthcare at their doorsteps.