LAHORE: The tradition of killing for honor continues in the country unabated despite passage of a law unanimously by a joint session of the Parliament against the centuries old practice. The legislation on honor killings has provided strict punishment for the convicts making it tougher than the ordinary murder cases.

Likewise, in month of February 2016, Punjab Assembly had passed women protection bill which criminalized all forms of violence against women and also provided them with special centers which remove the hurdles that complicate a woman’s quest for justice.

According to a report, two hundred and thirty one persons including 185 women were murdered in the spate of ‘honor killings’ in Punjab during 2016. Among the females was renowned social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch who fell prey to wicked practice of ‘honor killing’ and the accused include his brothers and cousin.

Under the new law relatives of the victim would only be able to pardon the killer if he is sentenced to capital punishment. However, the culprit would still face a mandatory life sentence of twelve-and-a-half years.

According to details,46 men were also killed for honor. Likewise, 29 wives were killed by their husbands over alleged illicit relations.

Ninety five percent of the weapons used in honor killing incidents were unlicensed. 

Despite legislation, a sharp rise in honor killings is ringing bells in the minds of both lawmakers and human rights activists. It may be mentioned here that 240 persons were murdered in ‘honor killing’ in 2015.