ISLAMABAD: The spokesperson of the Interior Ministry on Monday strongly contradicted a news item published in a section of media regarding ‘implementation report 2016 released by the Interior Ministry on National Action Plan (NAP).'

Terming the news item as completely baseless, the spokesperson said "No such report has been released by the Interior Ministry nor authorised by the interior minister, as wrongly stated in the said news item", a press release issued here said.

The spokesman regretted that without even bothering to verify the source and cross-checking facts from the concerned, a baseless news items on an important national security issue was published with a totally wrong attribution to the ministry and the interior minister in order to lend credence to an unauthentic document.

"Such irresponsible reporting would not only result in misleading public perception but is against the norms of ethical journalism", the spokesperson added.

Calling upon the media to exercise restraint on publishing unverified material on sensitive national security issues, the spokesman reiterated that any material in relation to NAP or any security issue would only be provided through the office of the spokesperson of the Interior Ministry .