By Abbira Hassan

Today through this article I just want to talk to those people who don’t have any other hobby or a task to do rather than judging people and making assumptions about them. I know we live in an era where there is a freedom of thought, freedom of speech, everyone can talk about anything they want but please just let me clear that freedom of speech is one thing and minding your own business is another.

I think that taking your nose in others business is a disease and 95% percent of our society is suffering from this. I mean if we see a girl who suddenly start doing hijab or a veil we automatically assume that her family is strict and forcing her for hijab or she got married, if we see a girl who suddenly stop doing hijab or a veil than we assume that now she become characterless, if we met someone who didn’t talk to you it means that he/she is arrogant and rude, if a boy and a girl are talking, respecting each other’s point of view then for sure there is something fishy between them, I mean excuse me please. What are you doing? Now just take a minute and come back with a positive mind and now go through those situations again, may be that girl want to do hijab or veil because now she knows its importance, may be that girl who stop doing a hijab is suffering from any disease that is why now hijab is not possible for her, may be that boy/girl have a shy personality or they didn’t get comfortable quickly similarly, may be that boy and a girl are just simply a class fellowwho respect each other’s views that’s it nothing like what you are assuming.

I am sure that on daily basis you have witnessed such cases. Our society is a bunch of different type of personalities, some of them are reserve, some are so open, some of them are not talkative and some of them can’t stop talking. I mean there are variety of people living with us, it is necessary that there should be a fine line of privacy between all of us, so don’t try to keep all the information of everyone because if we didn’t get the information we start assuming which leads to the rumors.

Ok! if you have enough time and you don’t have any other thing to do then go on, make assumptions but please first tell me that why those assumptions cannot be positive? Is it written somewhere that assumption should be negative? Since our childhood we used to listen a story of a moral, “tit for tat”, do you know it really works? Today you are making fun of someone, making negative assumptions about someone or spreading rumors soon or later a day will come when all that will happen to you and at that time you will not be able to shut those mouths because once you were also a part of them.

We should not believe in anything that we heard we should believe in what our eyes told us and you know there is a difference between knowing somebody and hearing about somebody, just because you ‘heard’ doesn’t mean you ‘know’, because rumors are created by haters, spread by fool and accepted by idiots.


Now at the end I want to say something to these peoples who are so inspired by me that, even their day cannot be completed without my discussion, listen it’s my life, my choices, my mistakes, my lessons not yours so please do me ultimate kindness of minding your own business, Thank you.

And to the people who are the victims of such type of society that, people will always talk about you specially when they envy you and the life you live. They will keep spreading rumors about you because they hate to see how amazing you are so, just sit back and relax let it be because you and your loved ones know you more than these rumors. Stay blessed.

Published in Young Nation magazine on November 12, 2016