ISLAMABAD -  A delegation of Pakistan Computer Association (PCA) led by its chairman Munawar Iqbal visited  ICCI and called upon the government to focus on the better development of IT industry that has the potential to stimulate economic growth and promote exports.

Speaking at the occasion, the PCA chairman said that the current tax regime was not supportive of IT sector businesses and stressed that the government should reform tax policies to facilitate the realisation of full export potential of this important sector. He said FBR should reduce high tax rates on IT sector to pave way for its fast growth.

“If the government cooperates, IT industry has the potential to create plenty of new jobs, promote exports and increase tax revenue of the country,” he added. He said a level-playing field should be provided to IT sector businessmen. He said the govt should establish a fund to promote R&D activities in IT sector that would give a new boost to this industry, adding that ICCI should play role for redress of IT sector issues. In his welcome address, ICCI President Khalid Iqbal Malik said that IT industry has the potential to project the country at global level and the government should give its priority attention to resolve its key problems. He said special subsidies and export incentives have proved instrumental in stimulating the growth of world-wide IT sector with very positive spill-over effects on economic growth and the govt should seriously consider extending similar support to IT industry in Pakistan.