SAMBRIAL- The Muslims in Myanmar have become the most persecuted minority of the world living in the Buddhist-majority country. Myanmar military tortures and kills innocent Muslims and rapes women.

The world including United Nations must take serious note to save approximately 1 million Muslims of Myanmar, demanded a famous philanthropist. He requested the Government of Pakistan to build a diplomatic pressure on Myanmar Government to stop killing of innocent Rohingya Muslims and to acknowledge their rights as honourable citizens.

No clue for missing kid

SIALKOT- Sambrial police remained unable to recover the kidnapped schoolchild even after three days of the incident.

Two unknown armed motorcyclists had kidnapped Aliyaan Cheema (8) at gunpoint on his way to school along with his uncle Adil Arif near village Maanpur-Sambrial.

The grieved family has expressed grave concern over the abduction, demanding immediate recovery of the kidnapped child and arrest of the kidnappers. When contacted, the local police officials said that the police teams were raiding at various places to ensure the early arrest of the accused.

Rape accused booked

KASUR - The police booked a fiendish man on the charge of raping a woman here in Ellahabad area the other day.

According to police, wife of Abid Ali was alone at home when the accused Ashraf barged into the house and raped her. The Ellahabad Police launched investigation.