LAHORE - The Progressive panel yesterday won Lahore Press Club’s annual elections for year 2017 by defeating traditional rival Journalist Panel with heavy margin.

A five-member commission headed by The Nation Editor Salim Bokhari announced the election results on Monday morning.

According to the results, Muhammad Shahbaz Mian of Progressive panel won the seat of President, bagging 1097 votes. His rival candidate, Javed Farooqi of Journalist panel, could get 694 votes only.

On the slot of vice-president, Zahid Gogi of Progressive panel was declared successful. He got 937 votes while his rival candidate Nasira Attique of Journalist panel bagged 736.

Abdul Majid Sajid of Progressive panel won the seat of Secretary with 884 votes while his rival candidate Zulfiqar Ali Mehto gained 853 votes.

On the slot of Joint Secretary, Ahsan Shaukat of Nawa-i-Waqt marked the victory with huge margin. He bagged 1,038 votes while his rival candidate Rana Shahzad Ahmad of Journalist panel could get 502 votes only.

Sheraz Hasnat won the seat of Treasurer with 978 votes. His rival candidate Yousaf Abbasi of Journalist panel got 670 votes.

At governing body, Qasim Raza got 652 votes; Shahnawaz Rana, 629 votes; Ismail Jhakhar, 610 votes; Salman Qureshi, 610 votes; Rizwan Khalid, 605 votes; Salik Nawaz, 602 votes; Numan Wahab, 596 votes; and Nasir Ghani 587 votes.

As many as 1800 voters exercised their power to vote to elect their new leadership.


Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif felicitated newly elected President Shahbaz Mian and other office-bearers on their victory in annual elections of Lahore Press Club.

He also felicitated Vice President Zahid Gogi, General Secretary Abdul Majeed Sajid, Joint Secretary Ahsan Shaukat, Treasurer Sheraz Hasnaat and Members of the Governing Body.

In a message of felicitations, the chief minister expressed the hope that the new office-bearers will play their due role in solution of problems of journalists and utilise all their energies for this purpose. He also expressed the confidence that the newly elected office-bearers of Lahore Press Club will come up to the expectations of the journalist community.

Meanwhile, Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gillani congratulated the new office bearers of Lahore Press Club and hoped that they would proactively work for the collective well being of the journalist community.

In his message of felicitation, the minister said the Punjab Government has always played an important role with regard to the welfare of the working journalists as media is the fourth pillar of the state. “The government has ensured that the journalists perform in most conducive atmosphere as it fully believes in the freedom of press and the freedom of expression. In fact, freedom of press and expression are the prerequisites of democracy,” he added.

He further hoped the Lahore Press Club would continue to act as bridge between the government and the journalist community.