KASUR -The number of beggars in Kasur has increased noticeably as they can be seen extorting money from citizens at road and chowk the district.

During a survey this correspondent explored that the rising number of beggars in the district has made the public lives miserable. Residents of different areas said that the beggars whose number is increasing with each passing day, have developed a habit of intercepting citizens on roads, streets, and markets to extort money from them in the name of alms. “The reason which irks citizens is their involvement in criminal activities as the beggars have reportedly been found in various theft and dacoity incidents which they mastermind while conducting recce of different houses,” they expressed their concerns, adding that a large number of pickpockets, posing as beggars, also remain busy sweeping citizens’ pockets in markets. They said that the beggars have become serious threat to the lives and honour of the common man but the administration seems least bothered to take action against them. They demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to look into the situation and order the official concerned to address the public problems.

25 outlaws nicked in op: The district police claimed to have arrested 25 outlaws including proclaimed offenders and drug-peddlers wanted in different cases of heinous crime here the other day.

According to police, a vigorous crackdown was launched on the outlaws of different categories during which eight POs among 10 outlaws were held. The police also arrested five drug-peddlers and recovered 275 litres of liquor, 1 kg of hashish and 140 g of opium from their possession.

Similarly, the police arrested 13 gamblers including Abbas alias Basa, Aslam alias Uth, Mehmood, Arshad, Ramazan alias Bhola and Shafqat alias Mast and recovered the money from them.