By Ashraf Naushahi

For most people in the present day world, a cup of tea or coffee with bread, cereal or other grain foods is a routine and a beginning of a new day. But tea or coffee is also a part of their other meals coming afterwards in a day's work, no matter whether it be lunch, supper or dinner. Isn't it? Tea and coffee both have become parts of meals. Usage of many phrases, as "coffee break", "tea break", "tea party", "tea time", "tea culture" or "coffee culture" as well as some others, is common not only in the English language but in many other languages too. People eat different foods as their breakfast but tea or coffee is mostly common almost in all different breakfasts in various parts of the world. People working in factories and businesses wait for coffee or tea break after hours' work and feel fresh after having a cup of tea or coffee. Even people working in agricultural fields stop their works for a while to have a cup of tea. 

Historically, tea and coffee have been liked as beverages by common people, in many parts of the world for several centuries. History of tea is older than that of coffee but both the beverages started from the continent of Asia.  

Coffee plant is named as "coffea" in the science of plants -Botany. These plants are cultivated in various parts of Asia, Africa and South America. Coffee beans are plucked from coffea plants and then roasted in several steps for making coffee. Tea comes from the leaves of tea plants. Its plants are also cultivated in some parts of Asia, Africa and South America. 

Tea is more common as a beverage than coffee. It has become the most popular beverage in the world. Usually people like to make tea or coffee by using different brands bought from markets. It gives them more freedom to make tea or coffee of the taste they like.

Sometimes people add some additional ingredients for making their coffees or teas more tasty. Nowadays, like many other things coming in packages as different brands, tea or coffee too, can be bought from markets and groceries. There can be varieties of tea and coffee brands bought at groceries. 

Tea is the most popular beverage in this part of the world as it comes third in the world for the consumption of tea. Both black and green tea are used in very large quantities in these parts of the world. Though black tea can be kept fresh for a period of almost a year,  green tea is delicate and better be used earlier. Mostly people prefer black tea but many nutritionists have a viewpoint that green tea is better regarding its nutrients. However, it is a matter of personal choice and people can select freely from different varieties of tea. Even there are many people who do not like either tea or coffee, and prefer other beverages or foods.    

Tea and coffee industries made a lot of progress and development in the 20th century. For instance tea bags were first made in 1907 while canned tea was introduced in 1981. In the present day world there are different and various varieties of tea and coffee in use. Some varieties of tea are: black tea, green tea, herbal tea, flowers tea, and oolong tea. Similarly, there are many kinds of coffee but usually named according to additional ingredients used for making a cup of coffee a little bit differently.

With varieties of different tastes, nutrients and ingredients, tea and coffee have become common beverages of all parts and seasons in the present day world. 

 Published in Young Nation magazine on November 12, 2016