People voted for PTI and PM Imran with hopes that State would revert back to Jinnah’s modern democratic welfare state, where laws would prevail over individual whims and every citizen would enjoy equal opportunities, justice, freedom of expression and security.

Now that PTI is in power it must realize that government has to uphold rule of law and resort to legislation in NA to fulfill promises it made to those who voted for them. It needs financial resources for which government must ensure that tax net is widened to increase revenues through direct taxation on income generated on all sources and only after having exhausted all such avenues, they should try to fill deficit through indirect taxation. Any citizen who resorts to tax evasion, corruption and bribery must be prosecuted in accordance with laws in existence in a court of law. PTI federal ministers must stop talking about passing resolutions to hang corrupt in D-Chowk as has been repeatedly been stated by a young minister on floor of NA. Such arbitrary illegal punishment, remind us of TTP brutalities, in Swat and other parts of former tribal belt and has no space in Jinnah’s Pakistan.

There is no doubt that Quaid was referring to institutionalized corruption which Colonial Raj practiced to prolong their occupation through its practice of allotment of state lands, bribes and titles to paid servants and opportunist political elite, like Unionists of Punjab, when he referred to curse of bribery and corruption which we inherited from India. He wanted to eradicate this cancer with an iron hand. The unfortunate bitter reality is that such practices and irregularities have increased and assumed status of regularity through abuse of power. Even forest land and amenity parks have been grabbed by mafia.


Lahore, December 14.