Karachi is once again in the headlines for its precarious law and order situation. In less than a month a bomb blast, attack on Chinese Embassy and killing of two workers of Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) and the assassination of Ali Raza Abdi, former member of national assembly and ex-member of Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM), indicate that the normalcy that was brought to the city after much hard work, needs to be protected going into the future.

The killings of political workers are not good omens for the peace of the city. The cold-blooded murders, especially that of Ali Raza Abdi, have already sent shock waves among the dwellers of Karachi. Ali Raza Abdi belonged to that lot of politicians who did not believe in sectarian and ethnic divides. Ali Raza Abdi’s death is a loss for the nation. His firm belief in the supremacy of parliament was evident from the fact that he raised his voice for recovery of missing persons on the assembly floor many a time. For sure, “he was one of MQM’s brightest faces from the urban metropolis” as Nafisa Shah tweeted. With his death, probably, all efforts to unite MQM also received a significant blow as he constantly battled against factionalism. The nation certainly mourns his loss.

Sindh’s Chief Minister (CM) Murad Ali Shah’s frustration over deteriorating law and order situation of the metropolis is understandable. However, showing frustration cannot bring normalcy or peace to the city. Recently, the miscreants are again growing in courage. The impunity with which they kill people shows that the law and order situation is getting out of the hands of the government. Especially, with the high profile murder of Ali Raza Abdi.

It is too early to say anything about the motive behind the assassination. Police are already investigating the case from all the angles, as the department maintains. One thing is clear from the video footage of the tragic incident; the shooters are expert in target killings. This means that these elements were not completely eradicated by the law enforcement agencies. And the moment they have found out breathing space they are once again roaming around the city. If this is the situation, then the law and order situation of the city is not satisfactory. The Sindh government need to utilise all its resources to bring the perpetrators to justice. Doing so will count as the first step in restoring the security and peace of Karachi that has seen a recent uptick in political violence.