It is a leading fact that Pakistan is rich in natural resources, indeed. Among all resources, the country is one of the largest cotton-producing states which is estimated as the fourth biggest in the world.

Unfortunately, we leg behind technical and modern machinery. If the system works efficiently and properly, no state can compete with us in such a textile rich field.

The textile sector contributes closely 46 per cent to our total GDP. It is another fact that Pakistan is the eighth largest textile exporter with 38 country’s employment. However, cotton separately contributes 60 per cent of the total exports of the country. Believe it, if the country earnestly tightens the screws of cotton industry, it could lead us towards economic clouds. The country must reduce its import rate and accelerate import rate by producing more units of cotton yarns to import all types of cloths to earn foreign exchange worth million dollars.

We hope a glimpse of success from the new regime of Khan to utilize such a big chunk of natural resources in a technical way.


Shikarpur, December 14.