Despite being bigger than Canada in terms of population, Sindh doesn’t have enough qualified professional planners. The population of Canada is 36.71 million while Sindh’s population is 47 million. The qualified professional planners working in Canada are 7,000- registered with the Canadian Institute of Planning, and thousands of them are working in the public sector.

But in Sindh, just 10 to 15 qualified planners are working in planning and development authorities. There are more than 1,200 qualified planners working at the provincial and municipal level in Punjab. Unfortunately, in Sindh the planning and urban planning profession is the most ignored subject. From 1997 till 2018, as many as 22 batches with 330 planners have graduated from Mehran University of Sindh. Unfortunately, for the last 10 to 15 years no urban planner vacancy has been announced at the provincial and municipal level. It is my request that this issue must not be ignored.


Turbat, December 14.