The brutal killing of a Polish engineer by the so-called Taliban inside Pakistan has made Polish Justice Minister Andrzej Czuma say that the extremists enjoy favour of some officials in the Pakistani government. He said "A lot of people among Pakistani authorities sympathise with these bandits". I think Mr. Czuma should visit Pakistan and clarify his comments instead of relying on fabricated media reports. I would like to strongly voice the opinion of the majority of Pakistanis who are moderate and against extremists. The shenanigans of a few rednecks should not be taken to represent the majority view. I used to share an apartment with a Polish couple (Tomick & Yola) when I was in United Kingdom for my studies. The Polish people are extremely well-mannered, cultured and cooperative. It took me only a few days of living with the couple to change their negative views about Pakistan. I would take this opportunity to sympathise with this Polish engineer's family, friends and people. All of us in Pakistan share their sense of grief at this great loss. I think this is the time when we should reassure the family and friends of the deceased that justice would prevail. I request President Zardari to ensure that it does. -FAHAD ZAFAR, Lahore, via e-mail, February 10.