America's Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has warned North Korea that it must dustbin its nuclear paraphernalia or get ready for the consequences. The North has chuckled. The chuckle must have ruffled the secretary. South Korea has said: "North Korea has completed deployment of new medium-range missiles and expanded its military to 1.2 million. After examining the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, North Korea appears to have developed new strategies." Obviously, the credit for the North's new developments goes entirely to the secretary of state. America has destroyed Saddam's Iraq. And out of the rubble, it has created an Iraq of its own specifications. Inspired by the destruction of the Saddamian Iraq, America is now busy destroying the Talibanian Afghanistan. Obviously, the objective is to create a new Afghanistan of America's own specifications out of the ashes. If America can create a new Iraq and a new Afghanistan, creating a new North Korea must not be any problem for her. And the North must not forget that America is a destruction-maniac. But mysteriously, the secretary's explosion has failed to jolt the North. Perhaps the reason is that America has been flashing her ferocious looks at the North round the clock. The incessant firing of warnings seems to have hardened the North. Will America digest the insult or brutally avenge it? The world is nervously watching. America has an oceanful of atomic weapons. If the North were to have just a bucketful of such weapons, it should not unnerve America. Why should an ocean be afraid of a bucket? The reason is a very simple one. America passionately desires to have the entire world under her belt. Unluckily for the world, it is a gigantic belt. Since the Second World War, America has been consistently raining destruction on one part of the globe or the other. Just have a look at Korea, at Vietnam, at Lebanon, at Palestine, at Iraq, at Afghanistan so on and on. Whenever America feels like destroying a country, it manufactures reasons for the destruction. Its political factories are superb producers of bogus reasons. The greatest obligation of a country is self-security. In the contemporary world, a country which lacks atomic self-defence, is at the mercy of every atomic power. Thus, logically, every country has a right to have atomic weapons for its very survival. But America stubbornly believes that a country which so far has not been able to give birth to atomic weapons must remain issueless. Such a country has only two options. Either it must survive as poodle of all the atomic powers or perish. America destroyed Saddam's Iraq because Saddam's Iraq did not have nuclear weapons. America is destroying Afghanistan because the Taliban do not have nuclear weapons. Curiously, our world is a jungle. America is the most ferocious atomic-lion of the jungle. No doubt, there are some other lions as well. But comparatively they are of an inferior breed. America wants that all the atomic lions should get together and ensure that no new atomic lion is born. Iran and North Korea must be cautious North Korea and Iran have unnerved America. Both must be extremely watchful. A nervous creature can get violent anytime. If America did get violent, it could not be blamed for it. It would be America's nervousness which would be blameworthy. America would be exonerated on medical grounds. Unfortunately, America has seldom been on-nervous. It is America's incessant nervousness which has destroyed the world peace. America would love to transmute the entire world into a world of its own specifications. But there are certain mysterious hurdles in the way. America would love to destroy these hurdles. But unluckily for America, the hurdles are stronger than America's power of destruction. Cruel hurdles Poor America America firmly believes that the countries which have already become nuclear powers are innocent countries. But the countries which are trying to become nuclear powers are a great danger to America. North Korea and Iran are such countries. America is absolutely sure that Iran wants to have nuclear weapons only for firing them at the Capitol, at the Pentagon and at the White House. Had there been no capital, no Pentagon and no White House, Iran would never have bothered about the weapons. America is also sure that North Korea also wants to have weapons for the same purpose. Had there been no Capitol, no Pentagon and no White House, North Korea, like Iran would never have cared about nuclear weapons. Thus North Korea and Iran are in league and are conspiring together against America. The writer is an academic