LAHORE - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that Governor Rule imposed in Punjab by President Asif Ali Zardari is meant to stop long march and sit-in, while Presidency will also be responsible for any intervention by the military. Addressing a news conference along with Information Secretary of his party Omar Sarfraz Cheema on Thursday, the PTI Chief said President Zardari had imposed Governor Rule on the same pattern of the emergency enforced by Pervaiz Musharraf. He said the President has given sufficient time to his party to get the required majority in the Punjab Assembly through horse-trading. "The Punjab Government announced to support long march and sit while Sharif brothers are disqualified under the Zardari law. Governor Rule has been imposed to enable the PPP to obtain majority by using horse-trading". In reply to a question pointing that undemocratic forces could take benefit from the destabilisation of the political government, Imran said there was no chance of imposition of martial law as Musharraf had damaged the reputation of army. However, Asif Ali Zardari, would be responsible for any intervention by the military. "Asif Zardari is continuing the policies of Musharraf regime. Nothing has been changed since the February 18 elections. Instead of strengthening the institutions, the president has used all the resources to strengthen his government", adding that President Zardari had himself destabilised his government by getting disqualification orders of Sharif brothers and subsequent Governor Rule in Punjab. Imran Khan said the prevailing scenario was created to bring bad name to the politicians adding that the political forces would take effective measures for making the long march and sit in a success. He said told the journalists that Nawaz Sharif and he had agreed to convene an All Parties Conference in next few days on one point agenda of independence of judiciary and restoration of deposed judges, which would devise a strategy for the upcoming long march and sit in. Answering another question, he opined that not the reconciliation between PML-N and PPP but only the strengthening of the institution would save Pakistan.