The barbaric murder of an innocent Polish engineer is detestable and shameful. It is a cowardly crime whose perpetrators would be held accountable by Allah on the Day of Judgment, even if they manage to evade punishment here. Islam is a religion of peace and does not sanctify murdering of innocent humans, irrespective of their faith. This crime was all the more heinous as he was kidnapped for ransom. What was the fault of this Polish engineer, except that he was working here and happened to be in this region? What purpose does this crime serve, other than to isolate Pakistan and portray it as a terrible place, an image that only enemies of Pakistan would like to project. The message of Islam that Holy Prophet (PBUH) spread, has nothing in common with the acts of these so-called misled Muslims who are trying to portray us as a nation of thugs. We, the Muslim Ummah, cannot survive unless we acquire knowledge in science, technology, economics, arts etc. If we want to succeed we need to acquire knowledge to stand on our two feet. This cannot be achieved by resorting to acts of barbarism like this that would only damage our image and bring a bad name to our faith. -MALIK TARIQ, Lahore, via e-mail, February 10.