KARACHI (PR) - The House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC) Board Of Directors has named Azhar A Jaffri the new chairman of the board in a meeting held here at HBFC Head Office. Jaffri will hold the charge in addition to his role as the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director for a tenure of three years. During the meeting, the board reviewed overall performance of the organisation, its ongoing operational plans, future proposals and budget for the year-2009. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman & CEO / MD Azhar A Jaffri. The other Directors who attended the meeting included Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi, former Chairman/MD, Iqbal Hussain, Senior Joint Secretary Ministry of Finance, Tariq Iqbal Khan Chairman & MD NIT Ltd, Ejaz Ahmed Malik, Retired Federal Secretary, Tasneem Ahmad Siddiqui Chairman Saaeban and Zakaria M Fazil Member -ABAD, Tahir Saeed Effandi, CFO, performed as Secretary to the Board Meeting.