LAHORE - Lawyers Thursday's mammoth weekly rally turned into a protest against the Supreme Court (SC) verdict of Sharifs disqualification as the Mall Road echoed with slogans 'Go Zardari Go' and 'PCO judges Namanzoor (disapproved),' saying that Sharif brothers have been punished by hand-picked judges for their commitment to the lawyers' cause. The 'disqualification' of Sharifs has not only infused a new spirit into the black-coats rather augmented their fury against the PPP leadership that was obvious from the rallies. They blamed the PPP leadership of toppling democratic govt in Punjab. During their daylong protest the lawyers condemned the SC judgment by holding general house meetings, observing hunger strike and passing resolutions in favour of Sharifs. They remained shouting slogans 'Go Zardari Go', 'Zardari Kay Zabtay Hum Nahin Mantay' and 'Dharna Hoga, Dharna Hoga'. The Lahore Bar Association (LBA) also held its general house meeting before taking out rally from the Aiwan-e-Adl. On reaching General Post Office Chowk the LBA rally was joined by the rally of the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) lawyers led by its president Anwar Kamal. Later, the charged lawyers started marching towards the Governor's House while chanting slogans against President Zardari and Punjab Governor Salman Taseer. Activists of the PML-N, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party, Khaksar Tehreek, Muslim Student Federation and Jamaat-e-Islami also joined the rally at The Mall. Women lawyers also made their presence felt by chanting full-throat slogans against Zardari and Taseer for what they called, hatching conspiracy against Sharif brothers and imposing Governor Rule in Punjab. The passers-by passing through The Mall praised the lawyers for protesting against the undemocratic steps taken by the PPP government and expressed solidarity by waving 'victory sign'. On reaching the Governor's House the lawyers' leaders delivered fiery speeches. They stressed the need of remaining persistent on their resolve of holding long march and giving sit-in at the Constitutional Avenue, Islamabad till the restoration of the deposed judges. They flayed the Governor for playing havoc with the PML-N govt and paralysing it to please the President. The LBA lawyers were much enthusiastic in showing their aggression against the PPP leadership. The LHCBA lawyers were holding large piece of cloth to have signatures from masses in favour of their movement which they had announced to present to the Parliament in the end of their long march on March 16. Traffic remained suspended as the police had blocked all the roads adjoining to The Mall. After staying half an hour outside the Governor's House, the protesters peacefully dispersed and returned to their respective bar associations.