LAHORE/SHEIKHUPURA - Shutting all doors of reconciliation with PPP and deciding never to hold talks with President Asif Zardari, PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has announced the 'roadmap' for the resistance movement across the country against ineligibility decision and imposition of the Governor Rule in Punjab. This was decided during an important meeting held at his Raiwind residence on Thursday. Shahbaz Sharif, Raja Zafarul Haq, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Ahsan Iqbal, Khawaja Saad Rafiq, Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa, Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Pervaiz Rashid and others attended the meeting. Nawaz said the party had decided in principle to launch resistance movement against the PPP. "Final schedule would be announced soon," he maintained. He also called the parliamentary party meeting at Raiwind on Friday (today). Nawaz said the protest demonstrations, rallies and strikes would be held in every part of the country. He said the party would contact other political parties including JI and PTI to intensify the movement. He said the central leadership would make stormy visits of all provinces to mobilise the people and address the public meetings and protest rallies. Accusing President Zardari of cheating PML-N, he declared now all decisions would be taken in the court of people. He condemned the imposition of Governor Rule in Punjab, adding the Governor Rule was a bid to undermine the mandate of people. "It is an attempt to rob the will of people," he said, adding "We have the courage to face the worst situation and we are ready for it." He said those who believed that PML-N would bow were fools. Addressing a big public meeting in Sheikhupura Thursday, Nawaz Sharif called upon the bureaucracy to ignore the implementation of orders issued by the Punjab Governor. He directed Shahbaz Sharif to take his seat in the Punjab Assembly. He asserted that they did not accept the PCO judges verdict describing it as unjustified and unconstitutional. "The judges, who announced it, are unconstitutional as they had taken oath under PCO." He said: "Shahbaz Sharif is still the Chief Minister and I have asked him to go to Punjab Assembly and start functioning. The verdict which came from Islamabad had totally been rejected by the people of Pakistan in general and by the participants of this gathering in particular. Asif Zardari as well as high-ups of the Supreme Court should witness today the people's verdict and act wisely. Unconstitutional courts of this country cannot declare Sharif brothers ineligible." "The same courts had also awarded me ten years exile on the direction of a dictator but see where this verdict is as I am here in Pakistan before completing the exile time," he added. Nawaz said Shahbaz had been giving relief to the people of Punjab in the form of Rs2-roti, but the President and the PPP leadership could not digest his popularity. Nawaz said: "Shahbaz is a good administrator and his administration was even appreciated by Senior Minister Sindh Pir Mazharul Haq." "We shook hands with PPP only to give relief to this nation, to serve the poor and the needy people of this country. I urge upon the people of Pakistan to remain cool and calm and not to damage property," he asserted. "President Zardari had completely undermined Benazir Bhutto's and PPP's motto and rebelled against it. Had BB been alive, the political scenario would have been different". He said that before coming to Sheikhupura he had directed Shahbaz Sharif to go and sit in Punjab Assembly as people did not agree with this verdict issued by the Supreme Court. "Today's gathering of people is a referendum in reality against Supreme Court verdict." He termed Governor Punjab Salman Taseer and all his actions as fake and against the spirit of the Constitution. He urged upon the bureaucracy not to follow and execute orders issued by the governor Punjab. Nawaz said: "I love officers and administration of the Punjab. I ask them not to be a hindrance in the way of MPAs and Shahbaz Sharif. If the federal government takes action against them and suspends them for not executing orders and directions, I assure them PML-N will reinstate them and reward them." He described Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani as honest and brave man, stressing that the President had not even taken him into confidence. "The country is already facing various crises like unemployment, loadshedding of electricity and gas." He alleged that President Zardari had cunningly deceived him and his party and he (Zardari) was taking each and every step on the directions of America. He said the youth of the country should come forward to save this country and spare their 15 days for this country in a bid to effect a revolutionary change. Nawaz said that 16o million people of the country had rejected the Supreme Court verdict. Earlier, the former premier was given rousing welcome by thousands of citizens, including traders and lawyers community. The venue was decorated by Nawaz Sharif portraits and party flags. During Nawaz Sharif's address, a constable Naveed, performing security duty turned emotional - he rushed toward the stage and placed his official cap and belt before him, saying that he was going to tender his resignation in protest against the apex court's verdict and governor rule in Punjab. Nawaz Sharif on this occasion appreciated his sentiments and directed him to continue his service without any fear, and kissed the constable's forehead. In return constable Naveed too kissed him. It is learnt that the constable was taken into custody by the local police. He was posted at City Farooqabad police station and on Thursday was called to Sheikhupura for procession purpose. The traders, lawyers and local citizens observed complete strike and closed their business activities. Main Bazaar, Railway Road and other business centres of the city remained closed to mark the protest. The traffic on Lahore-Sargodha Road near Bhatti Chowk remained out of gear throughout the day. The protesters chanted slogans against President Zardari and apex court judges, urging upon the international community to intervene on this complex issue besides calling upon the President to lift the Governor rule and reinstate the deposed judges.