ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL), under the directive of Adviser to Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources, will drill 100 new oil and gas exploratory wells this year to meet the growing energy demand. In this regard, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources has so far awarded 119 exploration licences to public and private sector companies, official sources said on Thursday. Presently, the country has about 45 rigs which are being used for exploration in various parts of the company. Commenting on history of drilling activities in Pakistan, a senior official in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources informed that till now, 725 exploratory wells have been drilled, out of which 66 existed before the partition of the sub-continent. All these drills produced 219 wells, 54 of oil and 165 of condensate oil and gas. Success rate in oil and gas exploration is 'very high' in Pakistan as compared to other discoveries at international level, he added. This figure shows that after almost every three to four drilling there is a find, while at international level discovery comes after eight to ten attempts. The country has so far 960 appraisal wells, which indicates how much potential of oil and gas is in the area and whether it is commercially viable or not, the sources said. The overall gas production is 4 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd), while the oil production is 37,000 barrels per day (bpd) against the demand of 9-10 bcfd of gas and 77,000 bpd of oil. He further said that now, off-shore drilling has also been started in the country for which foreign companies operating in the country are extremely hopeful that there will be massive gas discoveries in off-shore drilling. About OGDCL successes, the official said that the Company had yielded five crude oil and gas/condensate discoveries two each in Hyderabad and Tando Allah Yar, while one in Dera Ghazi Khan during the corresponding financial year. The Company has also discovered 4.28 million cubic feet per day of gas from its exploratory well at Qadirpur located in district Ghotki of Sindh province this month. The Qadirpur deep well was drilled down to the total depth of 4,703 meters. Based on electric, geological and drilling data, the production testing was carried out to test the potential of the well, he added. He said a total of five Drill Stem Tests (DSTs) were conducted, out of which three were conducted in Sembar formation and two in Lower Goru formation. Out of these five, DSTs, only one in Sembar formation was productive which produced 4.28 million cubic feet per day of gas at well head flowing pressure of 770 Psi on 32/64" choke, he said He said the OGDCL being a national exploration and production company possess its hydrocarbon reserves base in all four province of the country. During the year, OGDCL's daily production of crude oil, gas, LPG and sulphur averaged 43,434 barrels, 976 mmcf, 339 M. Tons and 72 M.Tons respectively. The Company's oil production was in line with the targets set for the corresponding year. However, gas production was below the target due to less in-take by the buyers and delay in completion of a project.