LAHORE - The whole City burst into protest demonstrations, especially on The Mall, outside the Punjab Assembly against the Sharifs' ineligibility here on Thursday. It was the second day of the demonstrations that sparked across the country all of sudden after the disqualification decision by the Supreme Court. Thunderous slogans like 'decision is unacceptable' 'Zardari Tery Zabte Hum Nahi Mante, Zulam Ke Zabteh Hum Nahi Mante' and 'Sher Ek Wari Fair' were raised by the enraged PML-N protestors during the demonstration on The Mall. The protestors were holding black flags and burnt tyres and effigies of President Asif Ali Zardari, CJP Abdul Hameed Dogar and Governor Salman Taseer. Wearing caps made of Nawaz's posters, they were holding party flags, banners, placards and big posters of Sharif brothers and continued chanting slogans using loud speakers. To keep the tyres and effigies burning for long, petrol was taken out from the motorcycles parked outside the Punjab Assembly. Some groups of protestors took out their upper garments and beat their chests to show their disdain against Zardari. A number of party activists appeared before cameras of different channels for their live footage. When the demonstration was at its peak, people caught two pick-pocketers and handed them over to police. A PML-N worker climbed over a poll at Regal Chowk and fixed the party flag. People paid him rich tribute over his courageous and adventurous effort. The workers took out protest rallies from Baghbanpura, Chungi Amer Sidhu, Bilal Gunj, Mochi Darwaza, Ichrah, Gawalmandi and many other areas. Before the start of demonstration, police was positioned around the Punjab Assembly and the Governor House. All roads leading to the assembly was barricaded since morning. Protestors started gathering slowly and a number of vehicles decorated with big posters of Sharifs and loud speakers were arranged. MNAs ans MPAs also joined the central demonstration. Different party wings including Kissan Wing, Culture Wing, Women Wing Labour Wing and Professional Wing appeared in the form of small groups and merged with the main gathering. The demonstration reached its climax after PML-N leaders including Khawaja Asif, Khawaja Saad Rafiq and Hamza Shahbaz Sharif entered the scene. Addressing the gathering, Khawaja Asif said that the nation did not accept the decision of unconstitutional court. He said that PML-N would never succumb to pressure built up by Zardari. He said, "If we could not be afraid of Musharraf's unconstitutional steps, how would we bow down before such unlawful acts?" He criticised the "Supreme Court headed by Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar and the judges who took oath of being loyal to Musharraf instead of Pakistan." He said that every citizen of Pakistan should join the anti-Zardari movement. If the people stayed at home, he warned, it would be tragic for the whole nation. Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that the nation would not let Pakistan become a land of Zardari. He said that President Zardari did not know the consequences of the 'order' announced by Musharraf's court. "Now he could not avoid facing the music, he will have to reap what has sowed." He said that PPP and its workers had nothing to do with the unconstitutional decision. "We do not need to fight with PPP and its activists as they also wanted to get rid of Zardari," he added. He vowed to continue struggle till the inception of genuine democracy in the country. He announced to launch sit-in on The Mall after Friday prayer and said, "We will meet on Friday with new zeal". When Hamza Shahbaz came to address the gathering, people paid him rich tribute by waving hands and raising slogans - 'Sheran De Puttar Sher' giving him status of successor of Nawaz and Shahbaz in politics. He said that the decision of Supreme Court regarding the Nawaz and Shahbaz eligibility case was a political decision. "US and President Zardari do not want free judiciary and fair decisions", he remarked. He said that Shahbaz was punished as he was delivering as per the aspiration of people. He termed the day as darkest day in the history of Pakistan. He said that PML-N would never step back from the lawyers' movement. "We will join long march and sit-in come what may," he concluded.