Islamabad - President Asif Ali Zardari's shrewd move to proclaim Governor's Rule in the Punjab province on Wednesday that caused ripples in the country has led to serious differences within the ruling PPP and its coalition partners. Well-placed political sources told TheNation on Thursday that imposition of Governor's Rule in Punjab has not only led to serious difference between President Zardari, who is also PPP Co-Chairperson, and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, but also caused deep fissures within the ruling coalition. Insiders insist that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had expressed his reservations during meeting with President, maintaining that the move was not in line with democratic taste and might aggravate the crises. President Asif Ali Zardari exercised his powers under Article 234 of the Constitution to proclaim Governor's Rule in the Punjab province that eventually has rendered the PML-N-led government non-functional. Except the MQM, the remaining PPP coalition partners, including the ANP and JUI (F), had expressed their concerns over President Zaradi's decision that many believed was taken in haste. Sources said that Prime Minister Gilani insisted on reconciliation with the PML-N rather than handling the crises in the Punjab province through hard administrative actions like proclamation of Governor's Rule. Some sources privy to these developments even insisted that Prime Minister Gilani had even shared his frustration with some close party confidants about the drastic decision of his party Co-Chairman. However, most of the PPP stalwarts during the background discussions with this scribe described these developments as 'mere speculations' saying Syed Yousuf Raza Gilanni could never dare to take such an extreme stance against established party culture. "Moral issues like this hardly matter for the PPP cadres especially when it comes to dealing with the PML-N as political entity", a PPP senior leader said. Except the few PPP leaders, who surmised that Prime Minister Gilani, by virtue his personal relations with majority MNAs of the party in the National Assembly could create serious problem for the President Zardari, many were least pushed to buy the idea saying no one including the Prime Minister Gilani in the PPP could ever dare to speak against the decisions taken by the party Co-Chairman. Some sources are attaching great importance to the special cabinet meeting called by Prime Minister Gilani today to discuss the political situation in the country. Speculations were rife in the political circles forecasting drastic changes in the political set-up following the rapidly unfolding political developments with some pundits even predicting mid-term elections in the country. They based their presumptions largely on the nature of crises relating to the Punjab Assembly where the PPP and its provincial governor Salman Taseer have to woo support of MPAs required to form the government. Many political pundits were of the view that PPP would not be able to secure the support of MPAs needed to form the government of its choice by pushing the majority party, the PML-N, to the opposition benches. They believed that PML-Q could play crucial role in the formation of PPP-led government in the Punjab. But, at the end of the day 'Q' adopted a neutral stance leaving the PPP in critical situation. "Governor's rule is a big fight picked up by President Zardari that may eventually cause serious blow to the political system in place in the country ", a senior PML-Q leader said. However, some independent political analysts ruled out any imminent political change in the country saying that in the given geopolitical situation in the region, it was not possible because of the neutrality of the Armed Forces of Pakistan and lack of US support for such changes. However, civil society activists, including lawyers, were upbeat about some major changes in the country, especially in view of the retirement of the incumbent SC Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar on March 21. They believed that the ongoing judicial crises, together with emerging political crises in the country, would determine the fate of the existing political system. In a related development, the PML-N has filed requisition for the National Assembly session to discuss the crises arising from the proclamation of Governor's Rule in the Punjab province.