LAHORE-With Sharifs disqualification and final break-up with PPP came the real test of Nawaz Sharif's political survival. The best option available to Nawaz Sharif at the moment is probably to go all-out against PPP-sooner the better. It is exactly what Nawaz is heading for, already declaring war on the PPP, consistently asking the people to come out against the govt in his public appearances. The PML (N) Quaid is already in consultation with party top leaders to initiate a mass movement against the present govt for the last two days. The PML (N) leaders are busy preparing the road map for the proposed movement. Conditions are favourable for Nawaz to harness the anti-govt sentiments in his favour and turn it into a movement to dislodge the PPP govt. The atmosphere is fully charged and conducive. Already lawyers have given a call for long march and sit in till the reinstatement of the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. Nawaz will first try to convert the lawyers movement into a national movement to dislodge the PPP govt. The objectives of lawyers and that of PML (N) leaders are identical now. Again the conditions are favourable in the sense that Supreme Court verdict against Sharifs had been received by public with heavy heart with both Nawaz and Shahbaz appearing as a wronged party in the public perception. The political circles are quite watchful of the public reaction against the apex court decision. Since the verdict became public, the PML (N) activists are out on the roads, staging protest against the court decision. The public sentiments are running high against the govt after PML (N) Quaid dubbed the SC verdict an order from the Presidency. As such all eyes are on Nawaz Sharif how he charts out his course in days to come and how successfully. The big question is whether he is able to sustain these protests started with his disqualification and a bitter parting of ways with the PPP. More pertinent question is if he has been able to turn these protests into mass agitation good enough to create real difficulties for the PPP govt and create an atmosphere leading to early elections. It is also to be seen if Nawaz enjoys the company of political leaders good enough to mobilise party cadres and public to initiate a mass movement seen in the country in the past leading to a change of govt. Heavy odds are staked against Nawaz Sharif as he declared his war on the PPP and also accepted other challenges. Already, he is a bit isolated politically speaking. Even persons like SM Zafar are demoralised the way Nawaz turned down his offer of unification of two Leagues. Now the chances for the PML (N) to win the PML (Q) which gains an added importance in the prevailing political circumstances, towards his side are quite little especially when earlier on similar efforts to mend fences between the two Leagues were turned down most scornfully by the Sharifs. Even for other political entities it reserved the same treatment when the PPP continued to expand its political cooperation. There is also realisation among political forces that Nawaz Sharif did not get his act together in time when he knew what was coming on his way from the PPP. He should have put in place a political strategy in time when he expected some foul play from the PPP. 'Had they prepared a strategy well in advance to counter the PPP they would not have lost the Punjab govt that easily', one senior Leaguer commented. It will also be interesting and even important how onwards PPP plays its card vis-a-vis Nawaz Sharif.