We are presenting a great analogy to the 'conditioned reflex experiment' carried out by Pavlov. In the famous experiment that he carried out, he proved that animal reflexes could be conditioned to respond in a certain way by providing a certain kind of stimulus, which in his experiment, was a bell. Initially, he conditioned a dog's reflexes to produce saliva by providing food every time he rang the bell. After a while, the dog was conditioned such that irrespective of whether the food was provided or not, it began to secrete saliva whenever the bell was rung. In the context of terrorism, we are following the Pavlov principle. We have been conditioned so finely that even without any evidence presented, our government is wont to declare the involvement of Al-Qaeda, Taliban and their ilk in any terrorism related event occurring anywhere in the world. The issuance of such statements from the US State Department is quite understandable, as their agenda is self-evident. However, such statements from Pakistani government officials show a very poorly formed, inferiority-ridden policy. -SUMAIRA SULTAN MINHAS, Islamabad, via e-mail, February 10.