ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has expressed sorrow over the disqualification of Sharif brothers and said the decision of the Supreme Court would weaken democracy in the country. However, as demonstrations took place in several cities across the country on Thursday, Gilani urged people to accept the court's decision. "The PPP's objective has been reconciliation and we had been moving towards it," Gilani said. "To take that forward I met Shahbaz Sharif recently." "As far as Governor's Rule is concerned, we have only followed constitutional obligations in that regard. Imposition of Governor's Rule was a necessity and I advised in favour of it," Gilani told reporters on Thursday. "It is very important that people refrain from predicting future scenarios and wait and see. Although the Supreme Court's decision is unfortunate for the prospects of democracy, people should accept it," Gilani said. Gilani said he was 'saddened' by a Supreme Court order barring Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif from contesting polls and holding public office as the ruling PPP wanted political reconciliation. "We wanted reconciliation and we were moving toward that. We wanted the process of reconciliation to continue," Gilani said. Gilani said he was 'saddened by the court's decision' as 'undemocratic forces can benefit when there is no national consensus'. Gilani said he had spoken to Shahbaz immediately after the court's verdict and regretted the order had come just a day after the two of them had met to discuss ways to improve relations between the PPP and PML-N. Asked about the order for imposing Governor's Rule being issued by Zardari on the Prime Minister's advice, Gilani said his advice is necessary according to the rules of business. Regarding not allowing holding of Punjab Assembly session, the Prime Minister said the government has to follow the rules and procedures after imposition of Governor's Rule. He said Governor's Rule has to impose in Punjab as there was vacuum but the President did not suspend the Provincial Assembly. He said if extension needed in the rule, the government would go to the Parliament in this regard. Answering a question, Gilani said that the PPP is working on the policy of reconciliation given by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, however the verdict of the court has damaged it. About the restoration of judges, he said that negotiations were going on with the PML-N on the matter and we had suggested that PPP would support if a consensus bill were moved in the Parliament. To another question, the Prime Minister said politics is a day-to-day affairs and no one knows what will be scenario of politics tomorrow. The Prime Minister answering question regarding implementation of Political Parties Act said these types of acts are virtually impracticable and nobody could stop the way of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif in the past through these means. Regarding NRO-type ordinance to clear way of Sharif brothers, he said if Constitution allows the President to do so, the government would take steps in this regard. Answering questions regarding his position in party on the issue of imposition of Governor's Rule, he said there is always difference of opinion within the party but once the party takes decisions everyone has to toe party line, adding that everyone in the party is on board in this regard.